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5 Tips to Make the Most of Every Moment

Break in Your Shoes We all know that being in pain or discomfort is one of the biggest thief’s of fun. And when it’s your feet that hurt, it’s not only annoying, but it distracts you from the present and enjoying every moment and it’s tough to think about anything else. It’s important that you feel super comfortable from head to toe on your wedding day so make sure you wear your shoes around the house and break them in before the wedding!

You must eat!!

A wedding day is a very long day full of adrenalin, emotion and energy. Start the day with a really good breakfast, focusing on protein, fat, and fiber that will keep you full and energized without causing a sugar crash or bloating! And when it comes to later on in the day, make sure you have venue staff, bridesmaids and groomsmen on hand to bring you canapés and nibbles as they come. You’ve spent so much time and money on food for your wedding – make sure you enjoy every mouthful and let it energise you for the rest of the afternoon. And finally, enjoy the sit down meal. This is your first meal with your new spouse. Enjoy it, savour it and talk with them over it. There is nothing better than enjoying food with your loved one, and this is one of the most romantic meals you’ll ever have. Plus you’ll need it for all the partying and champagne to come later in the evening!

Take Some Time After the Ceremony for Yourselves

It’s amazing how fast a wedding day goes. As a photographer it is my aim to help you feel as connected and present with your new husband or wife as possible through the day. After the ceremony, before we even step into the venue, I encourage my couples to find a quieter place for their wedding portraits. Because I specialise in natural photography, it’s a perfect time to talk with one another and breath for a minute. And after the session is done, I like to give my couples some time to let it sink in that they’re married and to privately bask in that newlywed bliss.

Thank Your Parents and Hug Them

Your parents have been by your side from the start. They love you and have cared for you since you were born so take a special moment to thank them. Hug your mum and tell her you love her. Perhaps dance with your dad and let him relive dancing around the kitchen with his little girl before your husband whisks you off into married life. You’ll be so thankful that you had those special moments when you look back on your wedding day.

Hire People you Trust

Working with wedding suppliers who get your vision, who are reliable, experienced and talented will remove so many elements of worry about your wedding day. When you know your team is invested in your wedding day and care about your experience, it will make the whole day seem smooth and just as you envisioned it would be. As a photographer I’m with you from start to finish on your wedding day and it’s so important to me that you feel safe and comfortable at every stage through the day. To achieve this I like to keep open communication with my couples throughout the wedding planning process and to meet with you at least a couple of times before the big day to establish a strong, trusting relationship.

I hope that's helped you think about ways to enjoy all of the hard work and effort you've put into your wedding day. I'd love to be there to capture the memories for you that so quickly fade away from your mind. It's my joy to photograph peoples wedding days and to freeze every moment in time so that not only you, but your friends and family too, can look back and enjoy those moments all over again for years to come. Please get in touch at to find out more information!

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