"Oh my gosh, Jess! I honestly don't know what to say. Absolutely blown away by the wedding photos, you have captured the day beautifully.
Better than i could have imagined. Can't thank you enough"
- James & Kate

... receiving messages like THIS is why I love being a photographer... 

Jess from Jessica Holt Photography

I'm Jess. I’m a wedding, life style and family photographer based in Bedfordshire but serving the UK and beyond. I'm also a wife to Benjy and a mama of one daughter, Rosie, who is 2.

I'm here to capture  
joy and love in the moments that reflect your unique story. My work is relaxed, timeless and full of light and happinessI specialise in using soft natural light to create fresh and luminous photography full of bright, warm pastel tones.

Capturing your special moments is what I love to do, whether it's yourwedding day, your engagement, an anniversary, a birthday, you've just had a new baby or would like some photographs of your gorgeous family. My photographs are simply about
capturing joy in your personal moments.

It all started at a friends wedding where, as a guest I took some candid photos for fun... and I now find myself in a job which I truly enjoy every moment of and never take for granted. Latein the year of 2018 I quit my textile design job of 7 years, and now every week I get to meet amazing families and couples and spend the most exciting, intimate and full of love moments with them as I capture their wedding day or growing family. 


It's such a privilege to share with you in your happy timesand to create pictures that will remind you of them forever.


Please drop me a message at here to find out more.

- I hope to hear from you soon!


- My family
- Fresh roses
- Getting into clean bedding

- Laughing

- Buttered toast

- Walks in the countryside

- Soft Lighting

- Drawing

- Cooking

- Encouraging People

- Big Smiles

- Exploring

- McChicken Nuggets

- The smell of Lavender

Do we have anything in common? Send me a message to let me know.

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography
Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography
Hertfordshire Wedding Photography

Bedfordshire wedding photographer
Bedfordshire wedding photographer

Hertfordshire Wedding Photography
Hertfordshire Wedding Photography