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"Oh my gosh, Jess! I honestly don't know what to say. Absolutely blown away by the wedding photos, you have captured the day beautifully.
Better than i could have imagined. Can't thank you enough"
- James & Kate

... receiving messages like THIS is why I love being a photographer... 


I'm a wife to my super wonderful and supportive husband Benjy, we've been married for nearly 10 years and I love marriage, even when it's hard. I'm also mum to three gorgeous girls. 

I have a heart for genuine friendship with the people my business connects me with. I believe that this changes the whole ethos of my work. I invest my energy, time and skills into capturing memories from your most special day which will fill the walls of your home for generations to come. 
It's such a privilege to share with you in your happy times and to create pictures that will remind you of them forever.


Please drop me a message here to chat some more!


capturing your precious moments with light & love 
I'm Jess!
in my spare time...

- I love my family and I love my friends so I spend a lot of time with them! 

- We've got an allotment so we spend a lot of time there and I love to walk in the woods.

- I love to create and design things of all kinds. I have a degree in illustration so I spend a lot of time making all types of things. My creativity runs deep!

- The sea is my happy place so we try to go there as much as we can


I'm here to capture joy and love in the moments that reflect your unique story. My work is relaxed, timeless and full of light and happinessI specialise in using soft natural light to create fresh and luminous photography full of bright, warm pastel tones.

It's important to me that you feel like a friend has walked through the door with a 
camera on the morning of your wedding and not just another wedding supplier! My composition and editing style is inspired by true love, natural light and real connection.

I believe that real connection creates the magic.With gentle encouragement and a creative eye, I collaborate with my couples to create effortlessly beautiful images full of pure love, stunning backdrops, and natural moments.


my style



- My family
- Flowers
- Getting into clean bedding

- Laughing
- Buttered toast
- Walks in the countryside
- Soft Lighting

- Drawing

- Cooking

- Encouraging People

- Big Smiles

- Exploring

- McChicken Nuggets

- The smell of Lavender

Do we have anything in common? Send me a message to let me know.

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