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5 Tips for the Best Wedding Party

Ask for Song Requests

Everyone knows that a full dance floor makes for a brilliant party. So when you send out your invitations, leave a space for your guests to send back a song request. Give this list to your band or DJ and watch your dance floor fill as your guests respond the songs they actually want to hear.

At our wedding we did this and it was amazing because there’s nothing like hearing a song that makes you want to dance. From that list we selected our favourite songs and made a mixed tape for our guests to take home as favours. We had people message us for months afterwards saying they were thinking about our wedding driving along in the car after playing the CD and were reminded of how much fun it was! It was a brilliant and cheap way to gift our friends.

Skip the traditions that don’t fit your personality

Don’t want to throw the bouquet or cut the cake…? Or maybe you want to have speeches or a first dance? That’s fine! Do something different. Make your own traditions and your guests will remember your wedding day for reflecting who you are as a couple rather than what every other wedding looks like. My advice would be to replace these types of events, not just to remove them because guests like to have something to do or to watch during the day. Anchor points help your guests know what’s coming next and also gives something to chat about if they’re mingling with strangers. I absolutely LOVE to bake and so at our wedding we held a great wedding bake off. Many of the guests brought their own cakes and biscuits and we had a prize for the winner. It was brilliant, hilarious and we never ran out of sweet treats for our guests either!

Let your guests see you Be present at your wedding. No one cares if your lipstick has rubbed off or if your hair has gone a little bit flat… And your wedding suppliers are the ones who should be taking care of your special day... People come to your wedding to spend time with you on the best day of your life and to see you have fun and look happy. If you’re forever in the bathroom or talking with suppliers then you’re not going to be present with your guests and enjoying everything you’ve planned and worked so hard for. Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen look after the smaller details if you need someone to and dedicate yourselves to enjoying every moment along side your favourite people.

Keep your guests comfortable The number one fun enemy is discomfort. How miserable are you if you’re too cold or too hungry? Make sure your guests have somewhere warm to go or blankets available if it’s cold and make sure there is shade and water if it’s too hot. Plan to have an abundance of food and drinks available to keep spirits high as well! Perhaps you could plan some lawn games or hire an entertainer if there are long periods of time for your guests to unwind and relax during your day.

Spend time with your new spouse

I hear so many couples say how they wished they’d spent more time with their new husband or wife on their wedding day. And it’s true, you’re trying to get around everyone, see different groups of friends and family, make sure everything is running smoothly and as a result you get separated. But, your guests have come to celebrate your marriage and people love to see people in love. So hold hands, have a cuddle, talk to people together and show off the amazing love you have for one another. Celebrate with affection and you’ll forever be grateful you spent your special day loving on the person you love most.

I hope this has helped you think about your wedding day and how to throw a great party. I have plenty more advice up my sleeve, which I love to share with the couples who book me as to capture their wedding day. As a photographer I’m frequently at the side of the happy couple for the whole day rather than just a portion of it, so my wealth of knowledge in do’s and don’ts to make a good wedding is hefty and I can’t wait to share that with you if you book me to photograph your special day! I’d love to hear from you if you think we might be a good fit!

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