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Picking a Baby Photographer in Hertfordshire

So you've got a beautiful new addition to your family and you'd like to capture them in all their new glory and freeze these moments in time - such a special time should not be forgotten!

The natural thing to type into google is 'Baby photographer in Hertfordshire' but then you're flooded with a list of different photographers all offering different packages and each with their own style... So, how do you choose? I thought i'd write a little bit about my baby photography, why it might suit you and your family and help you choose the best baby photographer in Hertfordshire for your family!

Two things to consider are -

1 - Outdoor, Studio or Lifestyle?

So, do you want to have photos outside in a place that means a lot to you as a family? Perhaps in your back garden or a local park? When the weather is warm and sunny, outside photoshoots can be stunning and allow for a lot of space to play and relax!

Or do you want to have photos in a studio space? Studio photography is not dependant on the weather which is a huge plus when you live in the UK and clean backdrops can highlight the beautiful soft skin and shiny eyes of your new baby.

Thirdly, maybe you'd prefer a lifestyle photography session when the photographer comes to your home? This allows for the photographer to capture your family in your natural habitat, in a more informal manner. Each of these options produce beautiful photos so really now you just need to think about what you'd like on your walls?

2 - Natural or Posed? Some baby photographers like to pose your baby and your family, so they'll tell you exactly where to stand and where to sit and how to hold your baby. And other photographers will just photograph you as you are with little to no direction at all. Personally I like to meet you somewhere in between those two styles. During your photography session I spend time positioning your lovely baby in the best light possible so their beautiful skin, eyes and details are illuminated. And then we coo and clap and sing to get those gorgeous smiles and expressions captured on camera. This allows for a high quality photograph in a very natural way so you can remember their personality unfolding just as they are. When it comes to photographing you as a family all together, I make special effort to position you in a way that flatters and compliments you in the most effective way. I have taken courses in posing so I know what angles and tricks to use so that when you look back on the photos you can't believe how good you look. But once I have positioned you to achieve this, I would ask you to interact with each other and your baby just as you would if i weren't in the room. This again allows me to capture your family in a very natural way, just as you are but in a very professional capacity. I believe that your photos should tell a story of your family. That they should reflect who you are and how much you love one another so you can remember those sweet early moments as your babies grow up.

Many families have trusted me to photograph those precious early moments and it's my privilege to do so. These are the words of a recent family I have photographed and it filled my heart with joy to know they're so happy.

"We can’t put into words how amazing & brilliant Jessica was for our newborn photoshoot of our little boy! She was patient and tended to our babies every need and managed to get the BEST photos that I will truly treasure forever. We had such a fun afternoon & didn’t need to clock watch, she looked after our little boy and figured what was best for him! I can’t recommend Jess enough! A truly talented photographer." If you think the advice I've written about is helpful, you like my style of photography and would like some more information then please feel free to message me - i'd love to hear from you and meet your gorgeous family.

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