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Looking Back at 2019

I believe that as a wedding photographer, I have the privilege of preserving a couple’s first moments together as husband and wife. Those moments captured on camera help tell their love story, which will, one day, outlast them and continue to make an impact long after we’re gone. I also believe in the legacy of love and that an inheritance of love passed from one family to the next, has the power to transform marriages, and therefore, entire family trees. I get to tell those stories. I get to capture joy and make it last through time. Making that sort of an impact is why I'm just so thankful that in this first year of running my photography business I have worked with so many wonderful couples who have trusted me to capture those moments.

I just feel so overwhelmed with gratefulness as I look back through last year and i'm excited to share just some images of my favourite couples with you today! Thank you for going on this journey with me last year! Here's to 2020!

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