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Stella McCartney and a Wonderful Bride

It's not every day that I get a request from a bride to join her in the private members lounge at Stella McCartney, Mayfair, for her final dress fitting... It was amazing! With my camera in hand, I think I might have been in photographers heaven! Maria is just the most wonderful bride. She's fun, super warm and friendly, chatty, incredibly organised and has the best taste in shoes (que the heart eyes emoji) and we had such a lovely day trying on her dress and location scouting for her wedding day portraits. And, let's be honest... These photographs speak for themselves so i'm just gonna shut up and let them do the talkin'.

I had suggested that St Dunstan-in-the-East would be ideal for their wedding portraits since their ceremony was being held at Westminster Cathdral, so it was close by and Marias husband-to-be was a bit shy in front of the camera. I figured a quieter area with just as much impact as the more popular and much more busier London spots would be perfect! I love it here so much!

And here's me, being excited about my job because it's just the best and i'm so thankful that I have these opportunities to photograph people on some of the best days of their life.

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