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Tom & Katie - The Lensbury Hotel, Richmond

At the beginning of August this year, I had the privilege of photographing Tom and Katies wedding at the Lensbury Hotel in Richmond, London. This was the first wedding I photographed after the birth of my daughter. And after focusing most of my time, energy and attention on her for such a number of wonderful months, I was reminded why I love photographing weddings so much: it’s an entire day where I'm able to get completely lost in other people. After being so focused on my own life, it was such a gift to be able to spend an entire weekend putting other people first. To forget about the daily routine in my world — and be invited into one of the most important days in someone else’s.

I'd photographed Tom and Katie in Richmond Park for their engagement session a few months previous. Unfortunately it drizzled all afternoon, but Tom and Katie were so joyful and relaxed for the whole thing and that's when i knew their wedding day would be just wonderful. And it was - it was so much fun from start to finish and I was shown so much kindness from Katie and Tom and their families. I especially loved hearing that at 3am Katy was demanding wedding cake from the hotel hallway after partying all night! I've got so much love Tom and Katie and I hope they love their memories as much as I loved saving them.

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